Murder, She Wrote, “From Russia…With Blood” (2/26/89) – While in Moscow as a visiting artist, Jessica’s purse gets stolen at a fancy dinner and the thief gets killed. It turns out her writer friend slipped some microfilm into her purse and someone was trying to get it back. Complications arise, of course, but in the end, Jessica helps the police and the KGB solve the murder. Tony plays a KGB official, Lt. Alexandrov, and does a mean Russian accent (ironic, given Luke’s dislike of certain Russians). He wears glasses and has a beard; his hair’s dark brown and cut short.

Murder, She Wrote, “Hannigan’s Wake” (10/28/90) – A journalist died before finishing his book trying to show a man was unjustly convicted of murder 16 years ago. Jessica is asked to use his notes to finish his book. Tony plays Eric Grant. (From an episode guide.)


All in the Family, “Judging Books by Covers” (1971) – A friend of mine sent me this description of Tony’s appearance on this show: “TG showed up as a photographer friend of Mike and Gloria’s who had just gotten back from London. He was, shall we say, not the most masculine fellow. Naturally Archie assumed he was gay. Archie spent some time venting about this guy to his friends at the bar where he hung out (I think it was still called Kelsey’s and owned by the guy who later became Police Chief Burt Ramsey on GH, but I’m not sure). Toward the end of the episode, TG came into the bar and talked with one of Archie’s friends (played by Phil Carey, Asa on OLTL) who owned a camera shop. After he left, someone asked Archie to keep TG from coming back to the bar, so it wouldn’t turn into one of *those* bars. Phil Carey assured Archie that he knew TG wasn’t gay, and the punchline was that Phil Carey’s character was, which Archie couldn’t believe since he was a macho ex-football player.”

The Partridge Family, “Ain’t Loveth Grand” (1972) – Tony played Greg Houser, a minister, whose family grew up near to the Partridges. He meets up with Laurie at a tennis court, and his opening line is something like “Don’t you remember me? We used to take baths together!” In the course of the episode, they find out he’s a minister (this is the scene shown on the Rosie O’Donnell Show). In the end, mom finds a note from Laurie saying she’s gone to the church because Greg needs her. Mom assumes they’re eloping, confusion breaks out, but Laurie returns to clear things up, saying he needed her to be a witness at a wedding. Tony looks cute in this one, very young, and like he did when Luke first showed up on General Hospital.

Roseanne, “Suck Up or Shut Up” (1/4/94) – “Florence Henderson plays a businesswoman with whom Roseanne hopes to establish useful contacts. Meanwhile, Mark drops a bombshell on Becky; he dropped out of school. Anthony Geary and Genie Francis (General Hospital) have a cameo.” (From an episode guide.)

Game Shows:

All Star Family Feud (1980s) – The following appeared on The Game Show Network’s web page: “All Star Family Feud is our weekly, one hour salute to the Family Feud programs produced in the 1970’s, 1980’s, and 1990’s that featured celebrities as contestants. Sometimes the celebrity teams represented specific television programs and sometimes they represented specific themes, such as soap opera stars, situation comedy stars, etc.” Tony appeared in an episode entitled “Second Battle of the Perfect 10s,” which featured Debbie Allen, Donna Dixon, Lou Ferrigno, Steve Garvey, Anthony Geary, Bruce Jenner, Peris Khambatta, and Betty White and was hosted by another favorite of mine, Richard Dawson. The celebrities played for various charities, and there were four teams, with the first two winners going on to play each other in a championship round. I caught this when The Game Show Network aired it, and I have one thing to say: “Tony, don’t pass when you play the Feud!!” Unfortunately, Tony’s team (Betty’s Bruisers, for leader Betty White) didn’t do so well. While Tony himself got two number one answers in a row, they passed both times and the other team went on to win the whole thing. Too bad, because I really wanted to see Tony do the bonus round with Richard Dawson…. Ah, well.