GH History 1999

Laura’s world was falling apart and she found herself turning to Stefan for comfort. Laura and Stefan spent more time together and Laura even asked Stefan to make love to her after they shared a passionate kiss. Although tempted, Stefan pulled back from their embrace and told Laura he wanted to wait until the time was right to make love to her. Laura continued to be torn over her feelings for Luke and her feelings for Stefan.

Bobbie was stunned to learn the news that Ruby had died peacefully in her sleep. Luke returned to Port Charles and he and Bobbie held an open house at Kelly’s in memory of their beloved aunt.

Luke and Lucky grew closer in the wake of Ruby’s death. Stefan was livid when Luke revealed that he had stolen some of Nikolas’ money and had given it away to charity. The war between Luke and Stefan was heating up again, but Lucky and Nikolas agreed to distance themselves from the feud.

Felicia and Tammy found themselves trapped with Luke in his club when a blizzard raged through Port Charles. The threesome had fun while waiting out the storm and even got a little tipsy. In the process, Luke and Felicia convinced Tammy to try her hand at running the diner and give up her life as a prostitute.

One day, Laura went to the club to speak to Luke and said that she loved him. Luke and Laura, however, failed to reconcile, as Luke couldn’t forget about Laura’s bond with Stefan. A tearful Laura left Luke, who was equally pained. Luke and Laura had never been further apart and both realized their marriage might be beyond repair. Laura then found herself turning to Stefan for support.

Luke unknowingly sold a piece of the Ice Princess to Cesar Faison and later tried to give the money to Laura. Laura became angry and told Luke she was no longer his responsibility and that she planned on getting a job. During this time, Laura started to open up to Stefan and they went on their first real date in public.

Laura admitted to Lucky and Nikolas that she and Luke might be headed for a divorce. Lucky assured Laura that the love they once all shared was real and Liz helped Lucky accept the fact that his parents’ marriage might be over.

Luke and Laura’s marriage had crumbled beyond repair and a divorce seemed inevitable. Laura was finding happiness with Stefan and even accepted his invitation to go to Paris. Laura’s world – and Luke’s – shattered when they received the horrible news that Lucky had been killed in a fire.

All of Port Charles was devastated by Lucky’s death. Liz took the news especially hard and blamed herself for the fire. In time, Liz allowed herself to be comforted by Emily and Nikolas, but wondered how she would continue to live without Lucky.

Luke and Laura blamed Sonny and Jason for the fire that killed Lucky, but Mac soon got proof that the fire had been an accident. Lucky’s friends and family remembered him at a beautiful memorial service and had no idea that Lucky was really alive!

Lucky hadn’t died in the fire, which had all been part of an elaborate ruse. Lucky was actually being held in a high tech “prison” by none other than Cesar Faison! Lucky was shocked to meet Faison, who threatened to harm Liz if Lucky tried to escape.

Luke and Laura were both crushed over Lucky’s “death,” but even their shared grief couldn’t bring them closer together.

Felicia returned from London with Lila’s cousin, Chloe Morgan, who brought Lila’s love letters with her. Felicia quickly realized that Edward and Lila were trying to keep a secret contained in the letters. Felicia got Luke to team up with her to solve the mystery and they stole the letters during AJ and Carly’s wedding ceremony.

Lucky was still being held prisoner by Faison, who was actually working for Helena. Posing as Herr Krieg, Faison met with Luke and propositioned him about smuggling some diamonds into Port Charles.  Lost in their grief, Luke and Laura packed up Lucky’s belongings, but Luke’s pain got the best of him and he started throwing Lucky’s things out the window. Even with their shared pain, Luke and Laura were unable to reconnect.

After Liz told Laura about Lucky’s happy life away from home, Laura went to see Lucky’s boxcar. Laura was pained when she imagined the life Lucky would never have and she wandered onto the train tracks. Stefan pulled Laura out of harms way, but Laura felt like she was losing herself.  A short time later, Helena confronted Laura at the hospital and taunted her about Lucky’s death. Laura became enraged and attacked Helena. Stefan restrained Laura, who was sedated and admitted to the hospital.

Luke and Felicia began to believe that Edward had killed Lila’s fiance, Elliot and they headed back to Oyster Bay to continue their investigation. While snooping in the Quartermaine crypt, Luke and Felicia found themselves locked inside. Luke and Felicia almost died, but Mac rescued them.  Luke and Felicia confronted Edward and accused him of murdering Elliot. Luke and Felicia were then shocked when Lila interrupted and confessed to the crime! Lila explained that she had accidentally killed Elliot and it was clearly a case of self-defense. Luke and Felicia agreed to keep Lila’s secret and Reginald apologized for locking Luke and Felicia in the crypt.

Felicia was alarmed when she saw Cesar Faison back in Port Charles. Felicia followed Faison one day and ended up being locked inside a warehouse with him. Mac rescued Felicia and confronted Faison, who denied any wrongdoing and also denied having played a role in Robert and Anna’s deaths. Mac arrested Faison, but he was quickly released for lack of evidence.  Mac and Felicia wanted Faison out of town, but he had no intention of leaving. Felicia knew Faison was toying with them and realized they would have to beat Faison by outsmarting him. Felicia learned that Luke knew Faison under the alias of Herr Krieg, but didn’t share the news with Mac.

Felicia told Luke that his business associate, Herr Krieg, was actually Cesar Faison. Luke then refused to give Faison back his diamonds and revealed to Felicia that he had hidden the diamonds across the Mexican border. Felicia convinced Luke to let her help him and they headed off to Mexico to retrieve the gems. Felicia, however, didn’t tell Mac she was going to Mexico with Luke. After a series of mishaps, including ending up in a Mexican jail, Luke and Felicia got their hands on the diamonds. Alone in the desert, Luke and Felicia shared a kiss and were shocked when Faison suddenly appeared. When Faison threatened Felicia, Luke had no choice but to give him back the diamonds. Luke then stunned Felicia when he told her that he had given Faison fakes and still had the diamonds in his possession.

On the day of the wedding, an angry Laura confronted Katherine with the proof that she wasn’t pregnant, but a smug Katherine told Laura that she was going to marry Nikolas anyway. Laura left fuming and shortly thereafter, someone pushed Katherine off the parapet to her death. Nikolas and Stefan both thought that Laura was guilty of pushing Katherine, but Laura denied their accusations. Thinking he was protecting Laura, Stefan confessed to pushing Katherine off the parapet. Nikolas refused to believe that Katherine hadn’t been pregnant, but eventually came to realize the extent of her manipulations.

Felicia feared that Faison would tell Mac about her and Luke’s Mexican adventure and kiss in the desert. During this same time, Luke and Felicia were growing more and more attracted to one another, but Felicia made it clear that her place was with Mac. Luke vowed to protect Felicia from Faison and choked Faison unconscious when he threatened Felicia. Faison later held Luke at gunpoint, but it was just like old times when Roy came to his rescue and they dumped Faison’s unconscious body in the woods.

Jax and Chloe were nearly killed by Helena’s henchmen, but managed to return to Port Charles with the papers that proved that Nikolas was Stavros’ son, not Stefan’s.

Alexis took this information to Stefan, who wanted to keep the news from Nikolas. Alexis, however, went ahead and told Nikolas the truth. Nikolas was devastated and walked out on Stefan, but Laura stood by him.

Luke and Felicia continued their close friendship in the face of Faison’s threats. Faison then made his move and kidnapped Felicia and held her captive in an elaborate bunker.

Luke was desperate to rescue Felicia from Faison’s clutches and eventually located the bunker where she was being held. Faison then managed to take Luke prisoner as well. Fearing that they would soon die, Luke and Felicia gave into their feelings and almost made love. A guilt-ridden Felicia pulled back from their passion and convinced Luke that they needed to outsmart Faison. Luke pretended to force himself on Felicia and managed to grab Faison’s attention, but their ploy backfired when Faison took a shot at Luke and accidentally hit Felicia. Mac finally arrived and almost killed Faison, but Felicia begged him not to. It was later revealed that all the events in the bunker had been captured on videotape. From his jail cell, Faison arranged to have the videotape delivered to Mac, who was shocked when he saw Felicia’s apparent infidelity with Luke.