GH History 1997

Laura stunned everyone when she came “back from the dead.” Luke was cleared of any involvement in the shooting of Katherine Bell. Feeling hurt and betrayed, Luke and Laura’s friends and family turned against them. Laura was equally angry at her sister-in-law Bobbie. She could not understand why Bobbie would ever get involved with an unscrupulous person like Stefan. His fury growing, Stefan unleashed the ultimate threat against Laura, coldly ordering her to leave the country or he would tell Luke that he slept with Laura many years ago when she was a Cassadine prisoner — and he fathered her son, Nikolas.

Lesley Webber briefly emerged from her catatonic state. Lying to Luke, Laura gave a moving account of why she had to take her mother to Switzerland for further treatment. With a tender goodbye, Laura, Lesley and little Lesley Lu left town. Lucky packed Lulu’ Faberge egg, which Stefan told Alexis contains “the virus.” Stefan’s strange behavior fueled Bobbie’s suspicions about her husband, Stefan. She put her own life in danger when she began to investigate his possible involvement in Lesley Webber’s 1984 death. In search of the medical records from the case, Bobbie was trapped in a warehouse storeroom fire and was rescued by her ex-husband Tony. Suspicious of Stefan’s behavior, Luke demanded that his niece Carly, who was working as a therapist for Katherine, be his eyes and ears and report any information about Stefan and Katherine to him.

With her suspicions about Stefan growing, Bobbie agreed to help Luke in his quest to bring Stefan down. Bobbie tried to drug Stefan in order to get his medallion which would unlock a secret box in his room. Stefan, however, figured out Bobbie’s plan and he caught her red-handed. Stefan threw Bobbie out of Wyndemere and divorced her.

Stefan was now able to publicly pursue Katherine, a fact Alexis did not like. Determined to keep Stefan and Katherine apart, Alexis duped Stefan into believing that Katherine was his long-lost half-sister, Natasha. Stefan broke things off with Katherine, who was shocked and heartbroken. A short time later, Alexis’ treachery was exposed and Stefan severed all ties with her. Stefan then set out to regain Katherine’s love and make her a part of his life again. As it turned out, however, Alexis’ scheme wasn’t so far fetched after all. Stefan really did have a long-lost half-sister named Natasha, but it was none other than Alexis herself.

In Switzerland, Nikolas nearly plummeted off a mountain after being accidentally pushed by Stefan. Luke came to Nikolas’s rescue, saving his life. The rift between Nikolas and Stefan widened when the youngster learned the truth that Stefan shot Katherine and kept it secret for months.

Audrey Hardy had her hands full when her two granddaughters, Sarah and Elizabeth Webber, arrived in Port Charles. Sarah was everything a parent could wish for in a child, while Elizabeth was a schemer who was jealous of her “perfect” sister. Sarah caught the attention of both Lucky and Nikolas and she decided that she just wanted to be friends with Lucky, but perhaps more with Nikolas. Elizabeth liked Lucky very much and tried her best to make him like her, too. When the teens started the school year at Port Charles High, Elizabeth became upset over the attention Sarah received from Lucky and she set Sarah up in a cheating scandal. Nikolas, however, took the rap and he and Sarah were able to prove that Elizabeth had set the whole thing up. Determined to get even with Sarah and Nikolas, Elizabeth then schemed to make it appear as though Nikolas wanted to become intimate with Sarah. This scheme failed as well and Nikolas and Sarah stayed together. Sarah then agreed not to tell Audrey about Elizabeth’s schemes as long as Elizabeth agreed to get counseling.

Meanwhile, life radically changed for Jason. Jason was now the man in control of Sonny’s empire, but he did not want anyone to know. Word had leaked out that Sonny was gone and one of Sonny’s enemies tried to kill Jason during a welcome home party at Luke’s. Jason, Luke and their guests survived the reign of gunfire, but Nikolas wound up being a victim of mob violence. Jason and Luke helped save Nikolas’s life and rushed him to General Hospital. Nikolas pulled through, but the shooting wound up giving Nikolas Broca’s Aphasia which prevented Nikolas from speaking properly. News of his condition made Nikolas shut down and put a strain on his relationship with Sarah.