GH History 1996

Outside Luke’s Club, an explosion rocked the air. Lily and her unborn baby were killed by a car bomb — a bomb that had been meant for Sonny and had been planted (at Rivera’s orders) by Harry, Sonny’s supposedly loyal partner.

When Damian broke into Ward House and set it on fire, Justus Ward saw him and knocked him unconscious. In the fire, Ward House was destroyed, but so was Damian! Laura Spencer was arrested and charged with Damian’s murder. And her lawyer was none other than Justus Ward! Riddled with guilt, Justus was successful in getting Laura acquitted.

Luke Spencer discovered the truth about Carly, but he was too late — Carly had already seduced Tony! Bobbie was devastated when she found Carly and Tony in bed together. Bobbie and Tony divorced. Not wanting to hurt Bobbie any more than she already had been, Luke kept Carly’s true identity to himself.

Luke and Laura Spencer had no idea of what they were in for when their baby daughter, Lesley Lu, desperately needed a bone marrow transplant. One day, however, Laura received a phone call which gave her hope that a donor had been located. Laura went to meet with the mysterious caller and was shocked when she came face to face with Stefan Cassadine! The Cassadines and the Spencers had been mortal enemies for years. Desperate to save Lesley Lu, however, Laura secretly accepted Stefan’s help.

Luke was stunned when Laura revealed that, years earlier, she had given birth to a Cassadine son while being held prisoner by the evil family. Stefan brought Laura’s son, Nikolas, to Port Charles and the handsome, brooding young man proved to be a compatible match for Lesley Lu.

Soon, Laura was stunned again when she discovered that her mother, Lesley, was alive! Stefan told Laura that he had not killed Lesley as Helena Cassadine had ordered him to. Instead, he had been keeping Lesley hidden away all these years, drugged to a near catatonic state. Upon hearing that Lesley was alive, Luke and Laura devised their greatest scheme ever — they faked Lesley and Laura’s “death!” in an explosion, witnessed by Stefan.

The people of Port Charles mourned Laura and Lesley’s death. The Spencers went into hiding, but they were together — determined to end the Cassadine’s reign of terror in their lives. Would they be successful? Only time will tell.