GH History 1995

Luke Spencer formed a partnership with Sonny Corinthos in a blues club. An unsuspecting Luke hired Sonny’s father, Mike Corbin as his maitre ‘d. Mike tried to reach his estranged son, but Sonny ignored him. Sonny’s decision to take over Frank Smith’s gang brought him into another partnership…with Luke’s enemy, Damian Smith.

Edward Quartermaine was apoplectic when his prize dog, Annabelle, ran off with that Spencer mongrel, Foster, and the two dogs behaved like animals! But Edward really lost his temper when Annabelle disgraced the family by becoming pregnant. She gave birth to one puppy, Raoul.

Luke’s Club was firebombed! Was it starting all over again for them? Sonny soon found out that Frank Smith’s lawyer, Phil Cusack, had tried to muscle in on Sonny’s action. Sonny non-violently dealt with the thugs who bombed Luke’s for Cusack, who was soon found dead. Sonny’s friend and confidante, Harry Silver, told him Joe Scully had ordered the hit on Cusack. Scully had been like a father to Sonny. Sonny’s stepfather Deke had beaten Sonny’s mother mercilessly….and Sonny, too. Til Sonny left home and met Scully. Scully had Deke rubbed out…for Sonny. Sonny owed him ever since.

Luke’s Club was a major success. Mary-Mae became his star singer and Felicia even delivered her baby, Georgie under a table.

Luke accidentally shot Sean Donely. Sean survived, and moved to Boston with Tiffany for treatment.

Luke and Sonny began a sting operation against Scully with Lucy as the bait. Sonny went to face-off with his old mentor, Scully, while Luke secretly freed Lucy. But Scully didn’t trust Sonny anymore. Scully shot at him, but Sonny’s father Mike dashed out of his hiding and took the bullet instead! Sonny shot Scully dead.

Laura loved Luke, but could no longer live with the danger. And she knew Luke couldn’t live without it. They were both miserable. Luke began to realize that maybe his life with Laura was over.