GH History 1993

Bill reclaimed his painting in Paris, and had a secret affair, behind Holly’s back, with his old flame, Victoria. When Holly saw Bill and Victoria in bed together at his lighthouse, she was determined to make two-timing Bill pay for deceiving her! She smashed all the rare wines in his wine cellar, then left town.

After nearly a decade on the run, Luke and Laura came back to Port Charles with their son, Lucky. Close behind was mobster Frank Smith, who still carried his vendetta against the Spencers for sending him to jail. Soon after their arrival, Luke’s look-alike cousin, Bill Eckert, was shot by gangsters who mistook him for Spencer.

Damian Smith was revealed as Frank Smith’s son! Damian informed Luke that the Smith vendetta would be over if Luke did a job for Frank, helping him smuggle “bad guys” into the country. Despite Laura’s reluctance, Luke went to work for Smith. His liaison to the mob would be Sonny Corinthos, who became Frank’s front man in Port Charles after his strip joint closed.

Lucky Spencer was shot by an enemy of Frank Smith’s. Luke and Laura spent New Year’s Eve at General Hospital praying for their son’s recovery.