GH History 1982

Luke and Laura’s idyllic life aboard their new yacht, The Haunted Star, came to an early end when the golden couple began to have marital difficulties fueled by Laura’s constant trips to New York to fulfill her new job as “Miss Star Eyes.” One day, after returning from New York, Laura went to the Port Charles docks. She felt another presence — was she being followed? Turning quickly, she saw a handsome man with haunting eyes staring at her through the mist. Upon his hand he wore a sapphire ring, and raised it slowly into the mist. Laura shrieked in dreaded fear as she sank to the ground. Luke was worried when Laura disappeared.

The disappearance of a second Laura, identified as Laura Templeton, shook the residents of Port Charles. When a third Laura, also blonde, was rushed to General Hospital with severe facial lacerations, folks couldn’t help but wonder — is some nut out to attack women named Laura? Luke, Robert and Tiffany Hill were joined in the search by Laura Templeton’s sister, Jackie, a sassy, auburn-haired investigative reporter. Luke, Jackie, Robert and Tiffany drew closer as they renewed their solemn vow to locate their loved ones and bring them home safe and sound.

Luke learned that David Grey, who Luke discovered was a member of an ancient cult, was somehow involved in Laura’s disappearance — and Luke was determined to destroy him! David Grey was not alone in his grand plans to steal the crown jewels of the faraway kingdom of Malkuth. Finally, Luke and David met face-to-face! Holding the sword in his hand, a steely-eyed Luke entered into a deadly battle with David, who crashed through the window and plummeted to his death. Luke sadly came to accept the fact that his beloved Laura was never coming back. Scorpio fell in love with Jackie Templeton. Her sister Laura took a job at the Port Charles Herald and got romantically involved with both Blackie Parrish and Scotty Baldwin. Luke, exhausted and disheartened, headed into the mountains to go camping and met up and shared a night of passion with the beautiful Holly Sutton. When next seen, Holly was luxuriating in an elegant penthouse, reporting to someone on the phone that her initial contact with Spencer was successful.

Holly came to Port Charles and wove a tale — explaining to Luke, Robert and Jackie that she had come to Port Charles to claim some property that her father left to her in his will. It was all part of an elaborate oil scam. Holly and her family were swindlers! As a key player in a well-planned oil scam, they planned to bamboozle the people of Port Charles. Holly eventually confessed her sins to Luke and joined with him to get the goods on her family. She was kidnapped. Luke and Robert journeyed to Vancouver Columbia, where they saved Holly and retrieved the money stolen by her former cohorts in crime. After a terrible fight in which Holly and Luke accused each other of not having enough trust, Luke, on the spur of the moment, stuffed his belongings into a knapsack and announced he was heading into the mountains.