GH History 1981

The arrival of the glamourous Alexandria Quartermaine was met by enthusiasm from her uncle, Edward, and wariness from Monica. Alexandria hired Luke to do some investigative work. His mission: to locate Alex’s competitors, the Cassadines, who were thought to be living in Port Charles under assumed names. Luke entered his ransacked apartment and came face to face with a man who held him at gunpoint and demanded information about the Ice Princess.

Luke was baffled by his questions which came from an Australian, Robert Scorpio, an international financier and well-known bon vivant. A friendship developed between the two adversaries.

Learning from Scorpio that the Ice Princess was a statuette, Luke agreed to help the Quartermaines find it for a price! But Scorpio wanted it too, and he offered Luke $50,000 to find the statuette, which was actually the world’s largest uncut diamond which Alex had painted black, mounted on a pedestal, and shipped from Rio De Janeiro to Port Charles. However, when she went to the docks to claim the crate, Alex was horrified to discover that it had been stolen! Eventually, it turned up, but vanished again when the lights went out during an auction.

Luke and Laura made their peace, then shared a romantic evening at the Versailles Room, topped off by a celebration on the docks. Back at Laura’s apartment, Luke astounded himself by asking Laura to marry him. “Yes, oh yes!” she answered ecstatically. Laura placed ad in Mexican papers so she could find Scotty and obtain a divorce. Luke only wanted to find the Ice Princess!

Unknown to anyone else, Alexandria Quartermaine held a clandestine meeting with Tony Cassadine! Together, they forged a partnership, rekindled their once-hot affair, and confirmed that the Ice Princess had inestimable value because it contained a secret formula hidden in its base. This formula was for a powerful weapon that could give the Cassadine brothers the power to hold the world hostage!

At Scorpio’s penthouse, Robert revealed to Luke and Laura that he was an agent for the World Security Bureau, and it was imperative to locate the Ice Princess. In a shootout on the docks, Victor Cassadine recognized Scorpio’s WSB partner, O’Reilly and gunned her down. In a tearful farewell, Scorpio held his dying friend, vowing revenge on the evil Cassadines!

Luke joined super-sleuth Scorpio in his plot to sneak aboard the Cassadine yacht. Laura stowed away too, joining Luke and Robert in this adventure of a lifetime! Victor Cassadine arrived, with his latest passion, Tiffany Hill, a B-movie actress. Waiting in an underground command center located under a tropical island was the mastermind of this scheme — the brilliant but diabolical Mikkos Cassadine. Mikkos gathered his guests in his spectacular Crystal Room and revealed his fiendish plans to build a massive weather machine, capable of producing a substance called carbonic snow, with which he could freeze the world — starting with Port Charles! With Tiffany Hill’s help, Luke and Robert plotted to break into the underground command center and destroy the weather-making machine.

Mikkos put his plan into motion and the temperature began to drop drastically in faraway Port Charles. In a bizarre twist, Mikkos fell into the deadly chamber and was instantaneously frozen to death! With Mikkos thwarted, Luke anxiously tried to release the lever controlling the weather that Mikkos had programmed into the “lock” position. After several unsuccessful attempts to decode the computer, Luke entered the words “Ice Princess” and the weather machine shut down! The courageous efforts of Luke, Laura and Scorpio saved the world from disaster!

Meanwhile, Luke and Laura were the toast of the town! The people of Port Charles expressed their thanks to the heroic couple by showering them with gift after gift — topped off with the grand prize — the Cassadine yacht!

On a beautiful Indian summer day, Luke and Laura were triumphantly pronounced man and wife! Unbeknownst to anyone, a bejeweled woman stood in the shadows coldly staring at the couple as they spoke their vows. The uninvited guest was none other than Mikkos Cassadine’s widow, Helena, who vowed revenge on the newlyweds for killing her husband. At the reception, Luke met Laura on the balcony overlooking the garden where she prepared to toss the bride’s bouquet. Scotty stepped up and grabbed it! Baldwin was back with a vengeance!!

Just weeks after her wedding, Laura received an exciting offer to become “Miss Star Eyes,” the international spokesperson for an exclusive cosmetics line. Although Luke was at first opposed to Laura’s new career, he finally relented and wished his new wife the best of success. In New York for her screen test, Laura grew apprehensive, feeling she was being watched. Her suspicions were indeed correct. A stranger, David Grey, was tracing her every move!