GH History 1978

Lesley decided to make peace with her daughter. Laura, too, made every effort to achieve a better relationship with Lesley. David Hamilton’s presence in the house continued to unsettle the Webber clan. David’s self-serving, darker side began to surface as did his obsession with Lesley. An artist, he began to spend hours sketching her portrait.

After several weeks, David moved into his own apartment, but his obsession grew more pronounced. Alone with Lesley, he smoothly attempted an all-out pass! Lesley would have none of it. She rebuffed his advances. Lesley told her brother-in-law Jeff about the episode, swearing him to secrecy. Rejected by Lesley, David moved in on her teenage daughter, Laura. Laura didn’t fight her attraction when the handsome artist took her in his arms and kissed her on the lips. Over a period of weeks, David and Laura continued to meet secretly and their relationship became romantic — at least in Laura’s eyes. David had an ulterior motive in charming Laura. He kept her notes and poems, feeling he could use them against Rick and Lesley at the proper time.

More and more Laura fell under David’s spell. She pledged her love to him and pleaded with him to take her away from Port Charles. What Laura did not know was that David was up to his ears in an illegal land scam, and was planning to beat a hasty retreat out of town!

When David finally told Laura the truth that he didn’t really love her, she lashed out at him, pushing him with every ounce of her strength, before fleeing the apartment in tears. He hit his head, sustaining a critical injury. Lesley dashed to David’s apartment and found a hysterical Laura bolting from the scene. Telling Laura to remain in the hall, Lesley went inside and found David — dead! Returning to the hallway, an astonished Lesley discovered that Laura was gone! Coolly demonstrating the extent to which a mother will go to protect her child, Lesley took the blame for the death. A Grand Jury assembled and indicted Lesley Webber for murder.

From her prison cell, a valiant Lesley stood by as the prosecution painted a vivid picture of her as a vengeful woman who had been rejected by her forbidden lover. She kept mum. Laura blocked out what really happened. Through intensive therapy sessions with Dr. Peter Taylor, she gradually began to recall glimpses of the tragic encounter with David. When Laura’s horrifying memories came flooding back, she realized that she killed David. Skipping town, Laura took a bus to New York City. Scotty enlisted the aid of his best friend, Bryan Phillips, and together they found Laura in New York’s East Village. After her confession, the charges against Lesley were dropped. Laura was released on six-months probation in the custody of her parents — making for a very uncomfortable Webber household! The one “good thing” in Laura’s young life was Scotty, who helped her endure her probation by courting her all over again!

And then there was “Bobbie” Spencer. The flame-haired student nurse with the bright smile and bubbly personality found herself smitten with law student Scotty Baldwin, who was in the midst of a stormy courtship with Laura. Between his law studies and his support for his stepfather Lee (who had fallen off the wagon and once again battled alcoholism), Scotty had little time to spend with Laura. After one of Laura and Scotty’s squabbles, Bobbie was there to pick up Scotty’s spirits by taking him home to her rooming house — which was strictly against house policy. Bobbie paid a heavy price for taking in her “overnight guest” — eviction. With no place to turn, she accepted Jessie Brewer’s generous offer to move into her spare room.

One day at the hospital, a startled Bobbie ran into Cal Jamison, a scoundrel who was attempting to extort money from Jeff Webber. Jamison’s presence unnerved Bobbie — who recalled that he’d met her when she was a hooker! To keep Jamison at bay, a jittery Bobbie began to send him hush money.

Late in the year, Lesley began to suspect that Rick and Monica’s relationship was more than just a working one. Were they having another affair?

The Bobbie/Scotty relationship began to fail when Scotty chose to devote more time to Laura. Scott Baldwin was the first man Bobbie Spencer had ever slept with that she truly loved. Believing that Scotty’s change of heart was all Laura’s fault, a scheming Bobbie set out to destroy her rival! Bobbie placed a call to her older brother, Luke, asking for his help in sending Laura to reform school! Together, Bobbie and Luke schemed to get Laura in trouble with the law. And if these maneuvers didn’t work to get Laura out of Scotty’s mind, then Bobbie had one more trick up her sleeve — pregnancy!