GH History 1976

Laura Vining enjoyed staying with her new family, but the youngster wasn’t sure that she wanted to make her stay a permanent one. She missed her friends, her parents, and most of all, her younger sister, Amy. At Laura’s request the judge extended the temporary situation for another thirty days at which point a decision as to Laura’s future would have to be made.

When Laura fell ill, Lesley turned to Dr. Peter Taylor for counsel and affirmation that the agony the child was going through could be emotionally based. He concurred that it could, but Peter couldn’t tell Lesley what to do. It was a decision she had to make for herself. Lesley made the painful decision to cancel the custody suit and return Laura to Jason and Barbara Vining. Her husband Cameron, secretly triumphant that Laura was out of his life for good, dedicated himself to healing Lesley’s hurt. Despite his efforts to help her overcome her grief, Lesley Faulkner remained obsessed with her daughter. Behind Lesley’s back, Cameron began spending more time at the mountain retreat he bought for Lesley — and ever more time in New York with his sexy secretary, Peggy.

To keep Laura out of his life for good, Cameron concocted a scheme in which an elderly nurse claimed that Laura was not Lesley’s daughter after all. The scheme failed when Lesley accused the woman of lying, then sent her away. Cameron’s scheme had been thwarted! Unbeknownst to Lesley, Cameron then paid the Vinings to take Laura far away.

In the grueling weeks after Laura’s disappearance, Cameron urged Lesley to get on with her life. But Lesley was determined to never give up Laura. Later, Lesley discovered the depth of her husband’s malevolence. When he kidnaped her, Lesley lunged for the wheel of the car, which careened off the road! Cameron was dead! In the days after the tragedy, Lesley learned another shocking secret about her husband — he died broke, his empire having crumbled beneath him in the weeks before his death. Her fellow staff member, Dr. Rick Webber helped her through the troubled times.