GH History 1974-1975

To Scotty’s delight, Lee Baldwin married adoption agent Caroline Chandler. After a short honeymoon, the newlyweds returned to town to face the disastrous news that Caroline’s son, Bobby, an energetic med student, was suffering from an incurable case of Melenkoff’s disease. Miraculously, Bobby’s certain fate was reversed when Steve discovered that Bobby’s fatal diagnosis was wrong! Rejoicing from the welcome news, Lee and Caroline joined Bobby in New York where he received treatment.

One of Dr. Lesley Williams’ first patients at General Hospital was Mrs. Florence Grey, who suffered from stomach ulcers brought on, she supposed, by the misery of a troubled marriage. In the course of the treatment, Florence revealed her marital history to psychiatrist Peter Taylor. Years earlier, Florence explained, her husband, Professor Gordon Grey, had an affair with a student. Together they had a daughter who died soon after she was born.

When Peter filled Lesley in on this seemingly inconsequential element of their patient’s history, a cold chill ran through her body. She was the very student engaged in the affair with Professor Grey! Now, nearly a dozen years later, Gordon Grey had reentered her life, this time proclaiming his love. Gordon revealed to a tormented Lesley that he wanted to leave his wife to be with her. Tormented by her indecision, Lesley begged Dr. Hardy to take her off the case. In an emotional confrontation, Lesley convinced Gordon to stay with his wife during her recovery. Soon, the Greys left town. But for Lesley, the memories of giving birth to, then losing, a precious daughter, lingered on.

Soon after Lesley married millionaire Cameron Faulkner, she discovered to her shock that the baby girl she believed had died at birth was alive. Through a search, she found the girl, Laura Vining, living with her parents, Barbara and Jason Vining, and younger sister Amy, in a modest home near the University not more than five miles from Lesley’s home!

A teacher, Jason Vining struggled to make ends meet. Like any typical twelve year old girl, Laura had the usual difference of opinions with her parents. Their chief source of conflict was money — Laura wanted new clothes, a ten-speed and most of all, she had her heart set on getting a new typewriter for Christmas, 1975. Already over-budget, Barbara had no choice but to say no to her little girl.

Lesley Williams was not satisfied simply knowing that her long-lost daughter was alive and well. She wanted to see her! Cameron, dismayed to learn that his wife was absolutely determined to make contact, ordered Lesley to stay away from the child. Nevertheless, Lesley defiantly set out to make contact or catch a glimpse of the child she so desperately longed for. Entering a local candy store, Lesley stopped dead in her tracks. She saw a pretty golden-haired girl sitting at the soda fountain with her friend Gary. Overcome with emotion, she followed Laura into the park. When they spoke, Laura was captivated!

“She’s so glamorous!” an excited Laura told her ten-year old sister, Amy! “She said she’s going to buy me a bike, and a new typewriter.” Amy was jealous of Laura’s fabulous new friend, while the Vinings were cautiously guarded upon hearing of Laura’s mysterious benefactor. What did Dr. Lesley Faulkner possibly want with their eldest daughter? In time, the Vinings had their answer. Upon hearing the shocking news that Laura was really Lesley’s daughter, Barbara and Jason vowed not to let her go.

After breaking the news to a thrilled Laura, Lesley launched a custody suit. The Judge, realizing that both mothers had been wronged twelve years earlier, postponed making a decision to allow Laura time to get to know her biological mother. In a startling decision, Lesley was granted custody of her daughter for thirty days, after which Laura herself would have a voice in deciding her future. After months of turmoil, Lesley was the happiest woman on earth!