GH history from the ABC website:


  • General Hospital – Daytime Digest, Jan-Feb 1982 – Novelization of the Ice Princess storyline and updates on other recent GH storylines.

Early 1990s:


  • What You Missed… – Soap Opera Update, 11/16/93 – Luke and Lucky surprise Laura on Halloween.



  • Recaps – Soap Opera Update, 10/15/96 – Bobbie tells Luke to stop giving Laura ultimatums about Nikolas.


  • SOD Recaps: March 1997 – Katherine lets Luke off the hook for her shooting; Luke and Lucky stay behind while the rest of the family goes to Switzerland.
  • SOD Recaps: April 1997 – Stefan gives Bobbie Lesley’s medical records; Sonny tells Luke about Taggert’s grudge.


  • SOD Recaps: March 1998 – Nikolas tells Lucky that Luke raped Laura.
  • SOD Recaps: October 1998 – Lucky and his friends investigate the rape; Lucky moves in over Jason’s motorcycle shop.
  • SOD Recaps: November 1998 – Liz faces her rapist; Luke takes Lucky to a cabin to discuss the rape.
  • SOD Recaps: December 1998 – Luke explains to Laura he was trying to kill Helena, not Katherine; Stefan tells Laura to choose between her families; Luke sets up Stefan to find Katherine in bed with Nikolas.
  • Great Scott – Soap Opera Magazine, 12/1/98 – Kin Shriner looks back over Scotty’s history.



  • Storyline Recaps: General Hospital – Soaps in Depth, 6/24/03 – Luke faces off with Stefan and attacks Lucky when he learns Lucky knew Laura was relocated.
  • General Hospital –  Soap Opera Digest, 9/2/03 – Greg Vaughn comments on Lucky’s personality.
  • General Hospital – Soap Opera Digest, 10/28/03 – Luke is arrested for Stefan’s murder. Later, he makes a new plot with Skye to steal from the Quartermaines.
  • SOD Recaps: November 2003 – Jax wins the Dead Man’s Hand at Luke’s auction. Skye promises to help Luke get out of jail if he helps her destroy the Quartermaines.
  • Storyline Recaps: General Hospital – Soaps in Depth, 11/25/03 – Luke auctions off the Dead Man’s Hand, only to lose it to Jax.
  • General Hospital – Soap Opera Digest 7/6/04 – Lucky wants to be more than friends with Emily.