Updates to Several Eras

SOD early 90s

Holly Sutton: General Hospital (Soap Opera Digest, early 1990s)

I put together a large update back in the late spring, but am only now finding time to get it uploaded and linked. I’ve updated with material from several different eras, now that I’ve got the bulk of my stuff from the breakup posted.

Look in Odds & Ends for photos of the cast roller skating in 1980, Articles for some new pieces on Tony from 1980 and a piece on Gloria Monty’s return to the soap in 1981 (bringing Tony with her as Bill Eckert), Headshots for a scan of one of Tony’s from the 80s, Screenshots for a ton of stuff I was working on for another site and some really nice caps of the rape episode in 1979, and Chronology for updates in The Early Years, The Ice Princess, Holly and the Oil Scam, Bill Eckert, The Breakup, and Lucky’s Alive.

As always, photos are cross-posted in various folders in the gallery (except for the screenshots, of which there were simply too many), and everything with text is linked to from the Chronology pages (which also have a link to the photo gallery for that era).

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Luke and Laura’s Breakup

SOD 5/18/99

Editor’s Choice: Lucky’s “Death,” General Hospital (Soap Opera Digest, 5/18/99)

I’ve been working on new scans of material previously posted to the old site. Most of my uploads over the past week or so have been from soap magazines in 1998 and 1999, when Lucky found out about the rape, Luke and Laura were on the outs, Laura turned to Stefan and Luke turned to Tammy and, later, Felicia, and Lucky was presumed dead in an explosion.

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More ABC Photos and New Pages

ABC Promotional Photo

ABC Promotional Photo

Over the past couple of days I’ve gone back through my store of photos from the official ABC website and found some that hadn’t made it onto the old site.  These are added now.

I’ve refined the Chronology section with the help of a year-by-year history from the ABC website as well.  I’ve posted relevant sections of this history on the Recaps & Previews page.

I’ve also started the Articles & Interviews, Photos, Quick Facts, Multimedia, and About pages with content from the old site.

Most things, as always, can also be found by way of the storyline sections on the Chronology page.

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Official ABC Photos Uploaded

ABC Promotional Photo

ABC Promotional Photo

I’m starting work with the photo gallery as I decide how I want to organize and cross-post photos in albums.  Today I’ve posted all of the official ABC photos that were on the old site, including promotional photos, photos from episodes and daily recap posts, and photos from some 1999 awards shows where Tony one Best Actor.

Note that all of these photos appear in the Official ABC Photos category, but they are also cross-posted into the GH categories Chronology and Headshots and the Personal Appearances category.  Because they’re cross-posted, the other categories may show that they have no items, but the photos are there and you have several ways to find what you’re looking for.

I’m most excited about the Chronology category, as it lets me gather all types of photos under albums for the major storylines Luke’s had across the years.

Take a look and enjoy!

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A New Start

ABC Promotional Photo

ABC Promotional Photo

It’s been about a decade since I worked on my Geary page regularly, and I have so many more things I want to post.  Real life intervened, but I’m back to work on it now.

The structure of the old page was bloated.  I didn’t have a good way to handle photos; I added them all to plain .html pages and made thumbnails manually.  For a long time I was on a friend’s server and had no way to install better tools.

So I’m doing it better this time.  It will take some time for me to get everything set up, and you won’t get to see it for a while, as I need to rescan existing content and make sure I know what I’m doing.

I’m running the site pages with a WordPress install, and the photo gallery with Coppermine.  The integration at this point will not be seamless, but while some of you may simply bookmark the photo gallery and spend all your time there, the site will still offer information that can’t be found in the photos alone.

I hope to have it ready for you by the end of this year.  Fingers crossed.

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