Newsweek and Luke and Skye

SID 11/25/03

Hottest Stories (Soaps in Depth, 11/25/03)

I’ve done a small update today with the Newsweek article from 1981 and some magazines from 2003 covering Luke being arrested for Stefan’s death and getting involved with Skye to get back at the Quartermaines.

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Links are up!

SOM 12/8/98

Star of the Week (Soap Opera Magazine, 12/8/98)

I’ve finished catching up the Pinterest page, and I’ve also started the Links page here on the site with a few helpful links. Looking over the pictures, I realize how much I still haven’t rescanned from the old site. I’m working on a good chunk of that for the next update, along with some new stuff.

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SID 6/24/03

Ins & Outs (Soaps in Depth, 6/24/03)

Today I started putting some of the photos from this site onto a Pinterest account: I’ll get each board started while I work on the next update, and then with each update, I’ll add some photos to Pinterest as well.

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Recaps, 1981 Daytime Emmys, and Tony in Atlantic City

People 5/17/82

Tony Geary Tries an Outrageous Club Act as G.H.’s Vital Signs Falter (People, 5/17/82)

This weekend’s update includes rescanned items from 1998, new scans from the 1980s and the 2000s, and a stash of Soap Opera Digest recaps from 1997-1999. The highlights are a piece on the 1981 Daytime Emmys and a People article about Tony’s show in Atlantic City. I’ve also started two new Chronology sections: The Attic (2001-2002) and Luke and Skye (2003-). Enjoy!

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Playgirl, Reginald, and Luke’s Club

SOU 2/7/95

Tour of Duty (Soap Opera Update, 2/7/95)

I updated the site today with some new and rescanned items, adding things to most sections of the Chronology. Highlights are the Playgirl interview from 1982, photo spreads backstage with Stephen Kay (Reginald) and from the bombing of Luke’s club, and the start of a new section for the Summer storyline (2002-2003). There’s also another complete history of Luke and Laura with some good photos returning to the site. Enjoy!

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New Domain!

ABC Promotional Photo

ABC Promotional Photo

The site is now up and running under its new domain name: I think it’s the same one I started with all those years ago, and it’s good to reclaim it for this new and improved site. I’m already working on the next update.

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Updates during Construction

SOU 11/30/93

The Readers Strike Back (Soap Opera Update, 11/30/93)

While I integrated the photos into the site, I also added some things to various sections, including some good stuff from the Puerto Rico storyline (Trouble with the Mob) and some more items about Luke and Laura’s Return in 1993. Enjoy!

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Under Construction

RBD Spring 1980

General Hospital’s Anthony Geary: He Tries Too Hard! (Rona Barrett’s Daytimers, Spring 1980)

A friend of mine is helping me to integrate the photos into the site, rather than having them housed in a separate gallery. The new tiled galleries from WordPress/Jetpack are beautiful, and I want to make good use of them. Once we get the design updated and the photos moved in, I will set the page up with its own domain again and get back to the work of updates. The old site is going away, and re-scanning that content is my priority.

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Early 1990s Updates from Australia

DTV early 90s

Behind the Scenes of Daytime (Daytime TV, early 90s)

In the mid-90s, I had a friend who came over from Australia to go to the GH fan weekend events with me. He also sent along an envelope of clippings for my Tony site. I’ve rescanned all of these and uploaded them today.

These clippings are from the early 90s, and most are found in the Chronology section under Bill Eckert and Luke and Laura’s Return–though many of them address L&L’s history, and so are cross linked throughout the sections. The main updates are two good recaps of L&L’s history (see the Recaps section) and three great articles (see the Articles section)–two interviews with Tony and one with Tony and Genie’s comments on L&L’s return. Finally, I’ve added the Theatre page and gallery. Enjoy!

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New Site Is Live!

ABC Episode Photo

ABC Episode Photo

The new site is live tonight! I have enough here that I wanted to go ahead and make it available. The front page to the site links to both the old and new sites; there’s enough on the other one that I haven’t rescanned that I wanted to keep it available. I will keep updating when I can–I have a lot of stuff that needs to be shared!

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