Quick Facts

  • Given Name: Tony Dean Geary
  • Legal Name: Anthony Geary
  • Nicknames: Dean, Dutch
  • Birthday: May 29th, 1947
  • Eyes: blue
  • Height: 6’2″
  • Real estate: Tony lives near the GH studios in the Hollywood Hills area. He also owns another home in Amsterdam.
  • Address: You can write Tony in care of the GH studio: General Hospital, c/o ABC-TV, 4151 Prospect Avenue, Hollywood CA 90027, USA
  • Family: The Geary family hails from Coalville, Utah; Tony was raised in a Mormon household. Mother (Dana) and father have passed away (she in 1998, he in 1993). He has three sisters: Dana; DeAnn, who has a son, Russell Dax; and Jana, who has a son, Brendan, with her husband, J. Kent. Tony has never been married and has no children.
  • Pets: In the 1980s, Tony mentioned owning three cats: Taylor (named for Elizabeth Taylor), Bernard, and Cannabis. In the 1990s, he listed his feline friends as “Max and Shiffy. Max is pedigree Persian. And Shiffy’s a fur ball; we’re not sure what gender. She’s either a very soft man, or a hard livin’ woman.”
  • Favorites:
    • Hobbies: rollerskating/rollerblading, music, writing
    • Food: Italian
    • Comfort food: “A Snickers bar, a handful of almonds and cold glass of milk.”
    • Ice cream flavor: pistachio and peppermint
    • Pizza topping: cheese
    • Breakfast cereal: Cinnamon Life
    • Bar drink: margarita
    • Favorite song: says it varies, but has mentioned “Space,” by Neighborhood
    • Favorite season: summer
    • Favorite subject in school: art
    • Favorite cartoon character: Daffy Duck

Television and Film Roles: Internet Movie Database

Theatre Roles (partial list):

  • While at the University of Utah on theatre scholarship in 1967, Jack Albertson signed Tony to a tour of The Subject was Roses. Tony played the son. The company performed in Los Angeles in 1969 at the Huntington Hartford (now Doolittle) Theatre, and also included Matha Scott.
  • At the Los Angeles Theatre Center: Barabbas, The Glass MenagerieCat’s PawThe Inspector GeneralThe Wild Duck
  • At the Heliotrope in Los Angeles: The Chinese Zero
  • At the Lobero Theatre in Santa Barbara: A Funny Thing Happened On the Way To the Forum
  • Jesus Christ Superstar, national touring company, as Jesus
  • Human Scratchings, 1996, at The Court Theatre in Los Angeles

Awards (partial list):

  • 1982: Daytime Emmy for Best Actor
  • 1983: Soap Opera Digest Soapy Award for Best Actor
  • 1999: Daytime Emmy for Best Actor
  • 1999: Soap Opera Digest Award for Lead Actor
  • 2000: Daytime Emmy for Best Actor
  • Tony also won a Cindy Award for his 20-minute radio drama, Sound of Sunshine, Sound of Rain.

Did you know?

  • Tony was originally only hired on GH for 13 weeks?
  • Tony originally tested for the role of Senator Mitch Williams (who Luke Spencer was later ordered to assassinate)?
  • The writers once thought to pair Luke with Lesley?
  • Because Tony liked to do love scenes naked, in one scene with Holly Luke accidentally displayed full frontal nudity?
  • Tony worked on his first soap, Bright Promise, with Susan Brown (Gail Baldwin) and David Lewis (Edward Quartermaine)?
  • Tony writes screenplays, including one named Sterno’s Delight, for which he had Kin Shriner (Scott Baldwin) in mind?
  • Tony once had a cat named for Elizabeth Taylor?
  • Tony has a 10-week vacation built into his contract?
  • Tony is the only daytime actor who is contractually allowed to rewrite lines for his character?