Luke and Laura’s Return (1993)

Luke, Laura, and Lucky return to Port Charles, determined to end their trouble with Frank Smith and build a home together.



  • Double Identity – Unknown, early 90s – Tony talks about playing Bill Eckert and looking forward to Luke’s return.
  • Luke and Laura are Back! – Daytime TV, March 1994 – Tony and Genie talk about Luke and Laura and coming back to GH.
  • Adventure + Romance = Luke and Laura – Daytime TV, March 1994 – Genie and Tony talk bringing Luke and Laura home to GH.
  • Luke and Laura Strategy – Unknown, early 90s – The plan to bring Luke and Laura back to GH.
  • Like Father, Like Son – Soap Opera Weekly, 2/24/98 – In this intriguing piece, Tony and Jonathan Jackson (Lucky) interview each other. The questions cover their pet peeves, their characters, and their understanding of life and acting.