Luke and Skye (2003-)

Luke helps Skye with her dead one-night stand, and over the course of their many adventures, they fall in love, run the Haunted Star, defeat Heather Webber, and face down Helena.


  • General Hospital – Soap Opera Digest, 10/28/03 – Luke is arrested for Stefan’s murder. Later, he makes a new plot with Skye to steal from the Quartermaines.
  • SOD Recaps: November 2003 – Jax wins the Dead Man’s Hand at Luke’s auction. Skye promises to help Luke get out of jail if he helps her destroy the Quartermaines.
  • Soaps in Depth, 11/25/03 – Luke auctions off the Dead Man’s Hand, only to lose it to Jax.
  • General Hospital – Soap Opera Digest 7/6/04 – Lucky wants to be more than friends with Emily.