Luke and Felicia (1999-2000)

Determined to move on after his break from Laura, Luke agrees to help Felicia investigate the Quartermaine family history. They begin an affair that affects both their families. Faison returns to cause trouble, and Roy returns to help Luke against the Cassadines.


  • GH history from the ABC website: 1999
  • SOD Recaps: June 1999 – Faison and Helena hold Lucky; Luke and Felicia investigate Lila’s secret; Laura has a breakdown.
  • SOD Recaps: July 1999 – Luke and Felicia continue their investigation.


  • Stylewise – Soap Opera Digest, 3/30/99 – A reader asks about Felicia using Tammy as inspiration for her book.
  • Trivia – Soap Opera Weekly, 5/4/99 – Question about what drink Luke poured Felicia.
  • It’s Only My Opinion – Soap Opera Digest, 5/11/99 – Editor likes Luke and Felicia together.
  • Thumbs Up! and Down! – Soap Opera Digest, 5/18/99 – Praise for General Hospital mixing and matching familiar characters in new combinations, such as Luke and Felicia.
  • Title Unknown – Soap Opera Weekly, 7/20/99 – Photo appeared with teasers for next week’s episodes.
  • Hit…The Skulduggery (Pardon the Expression) on GH – Soap Opera Weekly, 8/3/99 – The editors love that being with Felicia has put the twinkle back in Luke’s eye.
  • General Electricity – TV Guide, 12/18/99 – Tony and Kristina Wagner talk about Luke and Felicia’s affair.