The Early Years (1978-1980)

Luke arrives in Port Charles, Laura and Scotty get married, Luke works at the disco for Frank Smith and finds himself in trouble with the mob, and Luke rapes Laura one night and they both deal with the aftermath.



  • Fans are Flipping over “Good Skate” Tony! – Rona Barrett’s Daytimers, Feb 1980 – Tony talks about getting into acting, his role as Luke, his work in radio dramas, his home town, and his travels.
  • Anthony Geary: “I Don’t Know Why Everybody Accepts Luke!” – Rona Barrett’s Daytimers, Spring 1980 – Tony talks about travel, fame and fans, his family, cooking, and the ring he always wears.
  • General Hospital’s Anthony Geary: He Tries Too Hard! – Rona Barrett’s Daytimers, Spring 1980 – After a brief summary of Luke’s storylines, Tony talks about wanting to find somebody to come home to.
  • Cool Hand Luke – Soap Opera Weekly, early 90s – Tony talks about playing Luke then and now and his play, Human Scratchings.
  • The Accidental Celebrity – Soap Opera Weekly, 5/11/99 – This long article offers lots of material from Tony on being a celebrity; an actor; a loner; a child in Coalville, Utah; and a home owner in Europe. It ran in a series of articles about Emmy nominees that year.