The Cassadines Return (1996-1997)

When Lulu falls ill, Nikolas Cassadine is the only one who can save her. He returns to Port Charles with his uncle, Stefan, and stirs up the past for Luke and Laura. Luke finds himself fighting another Cassadine plot: Timoria.


  • GH history from the ABC website: 1996 | 1997
  • SOD Recaps: March 1997 – Katherine lets Luke off the hook for her shooting; Luke and Lucky stay behind while the rest of the family goes to Switzerland.
  • SOD Recaps: April 1997 – Stefan gives Bobbie Lesley’s medical records; Sonny tells Luke about Taggert’s grudge.


  • Hot Summer Preview – Soap Opera Update, 5/14/96 – Laura is suspected of Damien’s murder.
  • Show-Shaking Cast Changes – Soap Opera Update, 10/1/96 – Jonathan Jackson might be leaving.
  • Recaps – Soap Opera Update, 10/15/96 – Bobbie tells Luke to stop giving Laura ultimatums about Nikolas.
  • Soap Opera Update, 10/2/96 – Laura asks Stefan to stay; Luke tells Carly to go.
  • Classic Lines – Soap Opera Digest, 7/1/97 – Luke to Alexis.
  • Classic Lines – Soap Opera Digest, 7/15/97 – Luke talks about Nik and Lucky.
  • Thumbs Up! And Down! – Soap Opera Digest, 7/22/97 – Thumbs up for Luke and Bobbie working together against Stefan.