The Breakup (1998-1999)

When Elizabeth Webber is raped, Lucky also finds out that Luke once raped Laura. Luke’s ongoing war against the Cassadines divides the family. Lucky is believed to be dead in an explosion. (Includes Luke’s two appearances on Port Charles in 1998 at the bottom of the page.)



  • Dad’s Dirty Little Secret – TV Guide, 3/7/98 – In this interview with Michael Logan, Tony talks about revisiting Luke’s rape of Laura in the current storyline with Lucky
  • The News – Soap Opera Weekly, 12/8/98 – Tony talks about Norma Connolly’s death and the state of Luke and Laura’s relationship in these two news stories.


Port Charles:

Luke appeared on GH’s spin-off, Port Charles, for the first time in February 1998. Lucy was in the hospital, poisoned by Rex Stanton, and Scott was using all of his resources to save her. Meanwhile, Kevin was ever at Lucy’s bedside. Luke arrived at the hospital for a visit in four scenes. In the first, he runs into Scotty; in the rest, he visits with Lucy.

Luke appeared for the second time in June 1998, in scenes for the Nurses’ Ball. He helps Kevin to save Lucy from a suffocating dress (part of the “General Homicide” killer’s plot to copycat Kevin’s murder mystery novel), and then confronts Eve about the possibility that she might be responsible. Scott steps in with his two cents. Finally, Luke speaks with Mike, who’s upset that Sonny didn’t tell him he was back in town; Luke is having his own difficulties with Lucky.