Each section of the chronology includes links to articles, photo galleries, recaps, and other material for that storyline.


  • Background (1974-1977) – Lesley finds Laura, Laura comes to Port Charles and meets Scotty. A framework for the early days of Luke and Laura.
  • The Early Years (1978-1980) – Luke arrives in Port Charles, Laura and Scotty get married, Luke works at the disco for Frank Smith and finds himself in trouble with the mob, and Luke rapes Laura one night and they both deal with the aftermath.
  • The Left-Handed Boy (1980) – On the run from Frank Smith, Luke and Laura hunt for the Left-Handed Boy. They make their way from Wyndhams’ to Beechers Corners, with hitman Hutch always on their trail.
  • The Ice Princess (1981) – When the Cassadines threaten to freeze Port Charles, Luke and Laura and their friends must save the world.
  • Luke and Laura’s Wedding (1981) – Luke and Laura tie the knot–and even Scotty and the Cassadines can’t stop them.
  • The Sword of Malkuth (1982) – When Laura goes missing, Luke finds himself looking for the Sword of Malkuth with Robert Scorpio and the Templeton sisters.
  • Holly and the Oil Scam (1982-1983) – Luke, facing the loss of Laura, goes camping in the mountains and meets Holly Sutton. Holly comes to Port Charles and gets Luke involved in an oil scam. Later, Luke is presumed dead in an avalanche and Holly marries Robert for her green card.
  • Laura’s Return (1983) – After Luke becomes the Mayor of Port Charles, Laura returns to him after being held captive by the Cassadines. Luke kills Stavros Cassadine when he comes for Laura. Luke and Laura leave Port Charles.
  • Mexico (1984) – Luke is charged with a murder he didn’t commit and Robert comes to Mexico to clear his name. Laura announces she is pregnant.


  • Bill Eckert (1991-1993) – Bill Eckert (Luke Spencer’s cousin) and his family came to Port Charles in 1991. Bill was suspected in the murder of his ex-wife. He dated Julia Barrett, and later killed Harlan Barrett, her father. Bill later dated Holly.
  • Luke and Laura’s Return (1993) – Luke, Laura, and Lucky return to Port Charles, determined to end their trouble with Frank Smith and build a home together.
  • Trouble with the Mob (1993-1996) – Luke agrees to one last job for Frank and meets his new contact, Sonny Corinthos. The fight against Frank Smith takes Luke and Laura to Las Vegas and Luke to Puerto Rico, the home of a very large alligator.
  • The Cassadines Return (1996-1997) – When Lulu falls ill, Nikolas Cassadine is the only one who can save her. He returns to Port Charles with his uncle, Stefan, and stirs up the past for Luke and Laura. Luke finds himself fighting another Cassadine plot: Timoria.
  • The Breakup (1998-1999) – When Elizabeth Webber is raped, Lucky also finds out that Luke once raped Laura. Luke’s ongoing war against the Cassadines divides the family. Lucky is believed to be dead in an explosion. (Includes Luke’s two appearances on Port Charles in 1998.)


  • Luke and Felicia (1999-2000) – Determined to move on after his break from Laura, Luke agrees to help Felicia investigate the Quartermaine family history. They begin an affair that affects both their families. Faison returns to cause trouble, and Roy returns to help Luke against the Cassadines.
  • Lucky’s Alive (2000-2001) – Faison reveals that Lucky is alive, and Luke searches for him with the help of Felicia and Laura. When they find him, it is clear that Helena has done something to his mind. Luke goes on trial for Stefan’s “death,” and Helena raises Stavros from the dead.
  • The Attic (2001-2002) – Luke and Laura make their way back to each other despite Scotty’s proposal of marriage. But when Laura finds herself in her childhood attic, what she remembers destroys her mind.
  • Summer (2002-2003) – After Laura loses her mind, Luke fights for his own sanity. Nikolas sends Summer to distract him, and she winds up caught between Luke and Lucky.
  • Luke and Skye (2003-) – Luke helps Skye with her dead one-night stand, and over the course of their many adventures, they fall in love, run the Haunted Star, defeat Heather Webber, and face down Helena.