The Rosie O’Donnell Show Transcript

From January, 1997 – Here’s the transcript I did of Tony’s appearance on Rosie’s show. They chat about theatre, Tony’s hair, The Partridge Family, and one of Rosie’s favorite people. No, it’s not Tom Cruise.

Rosie 1997

Tony on the Rosie O’Donnell Show (January, 1997)

Rosie: Since 1978 our next guest has been half of one of daytime’s most popular pairings. Take a look back at Luke and Laura.

[Crowd cheers.]

[GH clip from the Left-Handed Boy storyline, in Beecher's Corners (1981):]
Luke: I got one question.
Laura: What’s that?
Luke: With this blanket up here, what do I sleep under?
Laura: Oh Luke, it’s the middle of August. You don’t need a blanket.
Luke: Ok, fine with me, but I tell you something, I’m not gonna sleep in these clothes. I’m sleeping in the buff, girl. And if you have to get up in the middle of the night, go down the hall to the little girl’s room? Be sure to peek baby, I got nothing to hide.

[Crowd cheers. Rosie looks shocked.]

Rosie: Please welcome Tony Geary.

[Crowd cheers while the band plays the GH theme song.]

Rosie: How are you?
Tony: I’m good, thanks.
R: It’s nice to meet you.
T: It’s a pleasure to meet you.
R: I feel like I know you.
T: Ya?
R: Ya, cause I’ve been watchin’ you a while.
T: Well, go paint my house.
[They laugh.]
R: Now, was that one of your favorite story lines?
T: Ya, ya.
R: Remember that, when you guys ran away and she had to wear the wig?
T: Ya, that was uh…that was our first runaway story, and we’ve been doin’ it ever since, and so have all the other shows, actually.
R: Ya. Right.
T: It was, uh, it was great…it was a great year that year. We had cross-dressing hitmen [crowd laughs]. We had…uh…uh…that was, uh, Lloyd and Lucy Johnson. Those were our pseudonyms, our, our, hideout names.
R: Ya, your aliases on the run.
T: On the run.
R: Do you have fun doing the show? Cause I…I missed you when you were gone. You were gone like six years, right?
T: Thank you. Ya. Ya, I do. I enjoy it. I know all the people now, after twenty years.
R: I’ll bet.
T: Which makes a lot of difference.
R: What’s going on today in Port Charles, anything you can tip us off?
T: Well, you know I haven’t been there for eight weeks, so, um, uh, we are hiding out in Rochester, which is always a good place to hide.
R: Ya. Sure.
T: And, uh, uh, because the Cassadines came back to town.
R: Ooooooo.
T: Ya. That…that storyline goes way back to freezing the world.
R: I remember. During the wedding.
T: And the Ice Princess. Yes.
R: And that’s when Elizabeth Taylor was on the show.
T: Yes, Elizabeth was on, and, uh. We’ve had a lot of, uh, famous people stop in. Why don’t you come?
R: I’d love to.
T: You’re doing All My Children!
R: Well, you know, I live in Pine Valley.
T: You do.
R: I, uh, I’m a temp maid there named Naomi.
T: Ya?
R: And I, they have me under exclusive contract.
T: Oh, what a shame.
R: But if you shot in New York, there would be a chance you could get me to. But you’re in L.A., right?
T: Ya.
R: Ya. Do you like living there?
T: Um, I don’t…I…. Truthfully no.
R: No.
T: I’ve lived there since 1967, and never really enjoyed a day. [Crowd laughs.]
R: Ever.
T: I think there was a day in about 1983 that I had a good time because the sun was out and there was…. But it’s…it’s not a…it’s not a happy place.
R: No.
T: I like New York. I’m here…I’m here, uh, I come in on Friday, I’ve seen four plays, I’m…you know, this is a great town.
R: What’d you see, anything great?
T: Ya. I saw the controversial, uh, Liza Minelli in, uh, Victor…Victor Victoria, I… [Crowd laughs.]
R: She was great, didn’t you think?
T: She was great. I thought she was adorable.
R: Did you. Now, there’s a controversy because they say she doesn’t remember her lines. So she messes a line, who cares, she’s Liza!
T: [Amidst cheering.] Well she…. She had…. Ya.
R: They should all shut up. All of them!
T: Ya! Besides, she had one rehearsal, right?
R: Ya, she had one rehearsal, she’s filling in.
T: Ya, ya.
R: When they’re Liza Minelli, those other people, then they can say. In forty years when they’re Liza Minelli, then they can complain. But she’s [sings] Li-za! So she can just, you know.
T: There you go. I think so.
R: That’s what I think.
T: I think so.
R: What else did you see?
T: I saw Frank Langella in Present Laughter.
R: Brilliant. Wasn’t he brilliant.
T: Wonderful. I loved it. Saw that yesterday. I saw Rent for the second time. [Crowd applauds.] Great.
R: Enjoyable.
T: Great. Bring in the Funk, Bring in the Noise.
R: Best. The best.
T: And I…I’ll never dance again.
R: So are you a theatre per… Did you start I the theatre?
T: Ya, I started as a hoofer, actually.
R: Really, a dancer.
T: Ya, a dancer. I did a lot of, uh. Well, I’ve done…I’ve done everything in, uh, summer stock from the…crocodile in Peter Pan to Jesus Christ in Superstar. That’s quite a range.
R: So you sing. Ya.
T: Ya, well ya. I sing. I move…I have a few moves.
R: Ya.
T: But, uh, basically an actor, I guess.
R: Basically a… You got nice hair. You got different hair.
T: Thanks!
R: I’ve writ… For the show that you’ve been on, General Hospital, your hair’s been different every year.
T: Ya. I know.
R: We put together a little something for you. [Crowd laughs.]
T: I can’t wait.
R: Take a look. Anthony Geary and his hair. Take a look.
T: [Laughs.]

[Rosie runs a montage of Tony's hair styles since 1978 accompanied by the title song from Hair, and while the crowd cheers at some (especially that great shot of him in short hair and a beard as Bill Eckert), they actually laugh at the "Twist of Fate" picture.]

R: That’s my least favorite hair.
T: Ya? Ya.
R: That last one.
T: Ya, that’s the Andy Warhol look.
R: Ya, that’s a little Doris Day dip goin’ on.
T: Ya it was, wasn’t it?
R: Ya.
T: Ya, well. You know, you try.
R: You live and learn.
T: You live and learn.
R: Alright, don’t go anywhere. We’re gonna talk more with you. Lookit, him on the cover of Newsweek. Look. Take a look. There it is, alright. So don’t go anywhere, more with Anthony Geary after this break.

[Band plays out to and in from commercial.]

[Rosie and Tony chat on the way in from commercial.]

R: Back with Anthony Geary. So you’ve had a lot of celebrities appear on, uh, not only Elizabeth Taylor, you were telling me in the break, tell everyone else.
T: Uh, we had Sammy Davis Jr., we had, uh…uh, All for One’s been on, um…uh, B.B. King, uh…
R: Milton Berle.
T: Milton Berle, thank you very much. Uh, he’ll kill me if I forget Milton Berle. And, uh, we had a favorite of yours, I understand.
R: Who?
T: Well I was watching your show, uh, uh, last week, and I think it was, uh, a rerun, uh, but you had H.R. Pufnstuf on.
R: We did, he did the opening announce.
T: Ya, it was adorable. And, uh, uh, we had Billy Hayes, who was Witchiepoo.
R: Witchiepoo.
T: Yes.
R: She was on your show?
T: She was. She played O’Reilly, one of the World Security Bureau, and…
R: O’Reilly in the WSB was Witchiepoo?
T: That’s right! And… [Reaches behind his chair, then stops at Rosie's next question.]
R: You know, Anthony, the thing is, you don’t recognize Witchiepoo without the green and the nose. What does she look like without that?
T: She’s cute!
R: She’s cute?
T: Ya! She’s cute. She also played Mammy Yoakum in, uh, Lil’ Abner on Broadway and the movie.
R: I didn’t know that!
T: Ya. Well, um…because, uh, I knew you were a big fan of hers and she’s a personal friend… [Gives her a framed, autographed picture of Witchiepoo.]
R: She is a personal friend?
T: Oh, a close personal friend.
R: God, you’re such a braggert. Personal friends with Witchiepoo.
T: Ya.
R: Look. That’s Witchiepoo. [Holds up the picture Tony gave her.] I love Witchiepoo.
T: I know you do.
R: We’re tryin’ to get her on the show.
T: Oh, please, she’s great fun. She would, she would probably love to be here.
R: Ya, we had some problems. We called her agent, they were like, very demanding about Witchiepoo.
T: Oh, agents are crazy.
R: The agent was nuts.
T: Don’t deal with agents.
R: They were wacko!
T: Go right to the source. I’ll get her on your show.
R: Now, not only do you know Witchiepoo, you also appeared on one of my favorite shows of all time.
T: Which one was that?
R: Take a guess, any of the ones you remember doing back when?
T: All in the Family?
R: No, no. Good show, but no.
T: Uh, (laughs). Streets of San Fransico?
R: No, no. Again, good show, but no.
T: Mod Squad?
R: No.
T: Starsky and Hutch?
R: No.
T: Ach. Barnaby Jones?
R: [Singing] Travelin’ around, there’s a song that we’re singing…
T: Oh-ho! The Partridge…
R: The Partridge Family!
T: Family.
R: Roll It!
T: Oh, no.

[Clip from Tony's appearance on The Partridge Family:]
Tony: Hey Keith, you’re looking good.
Keith: You too…father.
Tony: Oh! Oh, that’s it, the collar.
Mom: Yes, that’s it.
Laurie: It’s just that I had no idea that you were a, uh, uh…
Tony: Minister.
Laurie: Minister.
Tony: Which means you can call me Greg.

T: Oh, boy.
R: Were ya twelve years old there?
T: Yes, I was twelve. I was twelve. I was working with um, uh, an acting teacher at the time who decided that all the young actors that he worked with should learn to play inanimate objects…inanimate objects. So, er, I was playing a tulip.
R: Ya, yes. And it was good.
T: Ya, ya. Ya. Tulips make good priests.
R: Ya. I saw it as your inner…inner…
T: My inner life. And I was straining for the sun, always. Looking for the light. You know?
R: That’s acting for ya.
T: Ah, boy. It’s beautiful, isn’t it?
R: Sure is. Well it’s nice to have you here. Thanks for coming.
T: Thank you. My pleasure.
R: Give Witchiepoo my love.
T: I will.
R: And everyone in Port Charles. [She slightly bobbles the word.]
T: Port Charles?
R: Port Charles.
T: Ya. Come visit.
R: Alright, when I’m there. Anthony Geary.
T: Thank you.
R: We’ll be right back with Frank Lacourt [?] after this.

[The band plays out to commercial with The Police's "Every Breath You Take."]