Articles & Interviews


Early 1990s:

  • Late-Breaking News: Is the Magic Back? – Soap Opera Digest, 3/5/91 – A look at Gloria Monty’s return to the soap and Tony coming back to play Bill Eckert.
  • Tony Geary’s Return – TV Soap, early 90s – Tony Geary returns as Bill Eckert with a one year contract; Tony describes Luke.
  • Double Identity – Unknown, early 90s – Tony talks about playing Bill Eckert and looking forward to Luke’s return.
  • What’s in a Name? – Soap Opera Update, 8/24/93 – Tony now goes by Anthony in print.
  • Luke and Laura are Back! – Daytime TV, March 1994 – Tony and Genie talk about Luke and Laura and coming back to GH.
  • Adventure + Romance = Luke and Laura – Daytime TV, March 1994 – Genie and Tony talk bringing Luke and Laura home to GH.
  • Luke and Laura Strategy – Unknown, early 90s – The plan to bring Luke and Laura back to GH.
  • Cool Hand Luke – Soap Opera Weekly, early 90s – Tony talks about playing Luke then and now and his play, Human Scratchings.

Late 1990s:

  • The Rosie O’Donnell Show – January, 1997 – Here’s the transcript I did of Tony’s appearance on Rosie’s show. They chat about theatre, Tony’s hair, The Partridge Family, and one of Rosie’s favorite people. No, it’s not Tom Cruise.
  • Roundup – Soap Opera Digest, 7/8/97 – Tony thinks they’re all underrated.
  • Take Five – Soap Opera Digest, 7/22/97 – Tony answers five questions.
  • Like Father, Like Son – Soap Opera Weekly, 2/24/98 – In this intriguing piece, Tony and Jonathan Jackson (Lucky) interview each other. The questions cover their pet peeves, their characters, and their understanding of life and acting.
  • Dad’s Dirty Little Secret – TV Guide, 3/7/98 – In this interview with Michael Logan, Tony talks about revisiting Luke’s rape of Laura in the current storyline with Lucky.
  • Classic Lines – Soap Opera Digest, 11/24/98 – Tony talks about the early days.
  • Buzz in the Biz… – Soap Opera Magazine 12/8/98 – Tony and others talk about Norma Connolly’s death.
  • The News – Soap Opera Weekly, 12/8/98 – Tony talks about Norma Connolly’s death and the state of Luke and Laura’s relationship in these two news stories.
  • The Accidental Celebrity – Soap Opera Weekly, 5/11/99 – This long article offers lots of material from Tony on being a celebrity; an actor; a loner; a child in Coalville, Utah; and a home owner in Europe. It ran in a series of articles about Emmy nominees that year.
  • Chasing Emmy – Soap Opera Weekly, May 1999 – An interview with Tony about his nomination for a Daytime Emmy.
  • General Electricity – TV Guide, 12/18/99 – Tony and Kristina Wagner talk about Luke and Felicia’s affair.


  • Ins and Outs – Soaps in Depth, 6/24/03 – Tony talks about Brittney Powell’s departure.