About This Site

The Anthony Geary Website is ©1997-2014 by Amy McWilliams.

You can write Tony in care of the GH studio: General Hospital, c/o ABC-TV, 4151 Prospect Avenue, Hollywood CA 90027, USA.  I have no affiliation with him or the show.

This site is an archive of materials I have collected about Tony’s career over the years. I work on it when I have the time.

About the keeper:

I started watching General Hospital in 1996, when the Cassadines came to town. Although I started watching for Stephen Nichols, having been a fan of his on Days of Our Lives, I was quickly taken in by Tony as Luke Spencer. I loved that intial Spencer vs. Cassadine storyline, and quickly fell in love with everybody in Port Charles.

Since then, I have managed to watch many of the Luke and Laura storylines I had missed, both from the 80s and their return in 1993. And though I am now years behind on General Hospital, I still record it with every intention of watching it all.

For a while I ran another site, created and written with the help of four good friends I met on usenet while discussing the show. The archive of that site is also hosted here: The General Hospital Review.